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Mother and Daughter Connection Workshop

This project is funded through the NSW Government Women's Week Grants program - $4390. The workshop will be held on March 10th 2023 5pm - 7pm.

A free empowerment workshop, held in celebration of NSW Women's Week - designed to boost well-being and strengthen bonds between Mothers & Daughters aged 10 years and over.

The program promotes well-being through self-worth, and bonding through connection & relationship building.

The aim of the workshop is to build resilience and confidence in Mothers & Daughters, whilst growing relational skills and self-worth. Participants will receive education on how to model and teach self-worth, build confidence and resilience and how they can grow these areas in their lives using specific targeted strategies - such as positive self-talk and how take charge of negative thoughts.

Mothers will learn about their emotional wellbeing and how they can nurture that, both for themselves and their daughters.

The workshop is facilitated by Laura Collinson from Well Education. Laura is an accredited and highly experienced primary school teacher, with focused expertise in the area of social and emotional learning.

Bookings are essential - please phone the Neighbourhood Centre on 4984 6220 or email to register.

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