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The Coolamon Workshop for Indigenous Youth

Updated: Mar 15

The program is uniquely special - Jason Russell educates participants on the Worimi art and culture and the meanings behind the symbols they are creating.

This workshop was held for 3 days during the 2022 term 3 school holidays.

This Indigenous Art and Cultural Workshop was a collaboration between Koori Colours Art Gallery and Tomaree Neighbourhood Centre. The project was facilitated by local Worimi Artist Jason Russell.

The workshop is more than art - it is a culturally safe environment for the children to come to each week to connect with culture and make everlasting friendships.

The 10 participants made their very own Coolamons from clay. They decorated them afterwards and filled them with leaves and gumnuts. Coolamons were traditionally used by Indigenous women to carry water, fruit, nuts, as well as to carry their babies.

In accordance with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, Tomaree Neighbourhood Centre is committed to ensuring the safety, wellbeing and human rights of children. Through our work and programs we strive to create environments where all children can feel, and be, safe and welcomed and where their participation is valued.

Participants took home their own special Coolamon - in the past participants have painted skateboards, boogie Boards, shoes, shirts and masks. The workshop finished off with a BBQ and a chance for the participants to learn about and to try bush tucker.

Tomaree Neighbourhood Centre is hoping to host this workshops again in the future, so watch this space.

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